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The shutter speed dial on a minolta rangefinder camera!



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In this article, we will introduce you to minolta’s rangefinder film compact camera, released in 1966, with a shatter speed dial.

minolta HI-MATIC 9 (Reference product)

The shutter speed dial is located on the camera lens, in the row below the film sensitivity lever section at the tip (on the back).

Turn the silver ring to match the speed you wish to set to the black inverted triangle mark indicator.

Speed can be selected from B to 1/500 and A (Program AE).

When set to A, the ring is locked. If you want to set it to manual, turn the ring while pressing the lever on the ring to move the ring and set it to manual.

In this article, we introduced the shutter speed dial of minolta’s rangefinder film compact camera released in 1966.

This HI-MATIC 9 has a very stylish design with a silver-colored dial.

The lens body surrounding that dial is also silver in color, making for a sleek camera.

We will continue to introduce various interesting features and designs of film cameras in the future!

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