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Today’s lunch is “Okonomiyaki & Sauce Yakisoba”


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Today’s lunch is “Okonomiyaki & Sauce Yakisoba”


「Sauce Yakisoba」

at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

When it comes to okonomiyaki, there’s the “Osaka vs.

Hiroshima” and “Kansai style vs. Hiroshima style” debate, but

I like ‘em both!

They’re both delicious to begin with, and that’s just my

personal opinion.

If I had to make a major distinction, I would say that the

difference in the way the cabbage for the filling is cut, and

the difference in the way the dough is made and baked are

particularly significant differences.

In Osaka (Kansai style), cabbage is cut thicker and the dough

is less moist, and the cut cabbage and other ingredients such

as pork, squid, and shrimp are mixed with the dough and


It is like a “pancake” if you compare it to a Western image.

Hiroshima slices cabbage thinly and the dough is moist and

thinly baked.

The dough is like a thin layer of dough on top of baked

noodles, cabbage and ingredients, and the dough is like a

“crepe” in a Western analogy.

The restaurant we went to for lunch today is “Tanokyu”

5-1, Minami 22-jo Nishi 10-chome, Chuo-ku,

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

There used to be many educational universities and high

schools in this area, and this wonderful restaurant is still in

business today, hoping to provide hungry students with a

full meal at a reasonable price.

It is a long-established business that has already been in

operation for 51 years.

The store is old, but after 51 years of hard work, the owner

is old too (laughs).

But it is always delicious and inexpensive, and especially the

owner’s wife’s very pleasant conversation adds to the

deliciousness of the food.

The wife doesn’t like to have her picture taken, so the only

one in the picture is the owner.

First came the “Sauce Yakisoba”.

Okumura’s smile, a big fan of saucy yakisoba

And “okonomiyaki.”

Cut the okonomiyaki!

menu list

Okonomiyaki is around $4-$6, and that includes tax!

And since it is baked and brought to you, you don’t have to

do anything!

A safe bet for those of us who suck at grilling!

Even yakisoba noodles cost around $3.5 to $6, and that

includes tax!

And juice $1 cheaper!

Delicious, cheap, good service, and the lady’s customer

service is great!

I think all the environment leads to good taste.

Also, the shop card of this shop is cute!

I even wish they would make anime merchandise with these


If you make anime goods, please let us sell them in our

Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

Please let us sell them in our Anime Merchandise Corner!

Yes, this store opened 51 years ago, which means it opened

in 1971.

Just that year, 1971, “Lupin the Third” began airing on TV

in animated form!

It is a cartoon that both children and adults can enjoy and is

still being shown in movies and on TV!

Lupin the Third Official Web Site

Click here for URL

※Image reproduced from the official Lupin the Third website.

I’ve never seen or heard of anyone who doesn’t like the

anime “Lupin the Third”.

I think it is one of Japan’s most popular animations, loved by


My favorite character in the series is Fujiko Mine.

Beautiful, supple, stylish, sexy…

The picture of every man’s desire…

Ah! It was a cartoon (laughs).

We, Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

We have only one item for sale.

but we are selling “Fujiko Mine” figure, so please check it out!

Click here for the URL of the sales website

Our business is the purchase, maintenance, and sale of

vintage cameras and lenses, radio cassette recorders, and

anime goods that were commonly used in the 1970s and


It’s still good! This vintage stuff!

This camera, also a product we handle, was released in


TOPCON Hoseman 985+ Professional

Topcor P.S 105mm f/3.5 Made in Japan

Click here for the URL of the sales website

In a world where people are always thinking that it is better

to buy a new one because they can’t repair the parts

themselves because they have many computer-programmed

parts that cannot be handled by today’s difficult amateurs, it is

better to replace it with a new one.

but not for a product of this age!

If parts are available, they can be repaired, or if alternative

parts from products of the same age are installed, they are

fine enough to be used.

Vintage Shop Japan has a large inventory of cameras and

lenses for parts.

Next year, we are planning to start selling usable parts at low

prices by disassembling cameras that do not work, so we are

thinking of creating a website dedicated to selling parts.

Later, Master, thank you for the always delicious food!

For the sake of us regulars who look forward to it, and for

the sake of all of us.

Please keep up the good work as much as you can!

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Photo by Takashi Okumura

Writer Kazuya Maruishi