Maintenance Report

Today’s lunch was at “Yakiniku Tontontei”!


Lunch & Dinner

anime goods

at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence,

but I would like you to understand

Thank you

I go to this restaurant once or twice a month.

Beef, pork, chicken, hormone, sausage, vegetables, soup and

rice are US$9 for all-you-can-eat lunch

It is by no means an upscale, high-quality meat restaurant,

but we are more than satisfied.

And if you go to a regular yakiniku restaurant, it’s at least

three times this amount.

Everything tastes better when you enjoy eating with friends

and associates.!

The customer service is not that great, but the kindness of

the waitstaff is evident in the restaurant.

There is no high-end meat at all, but he selects the parts of

the meat and thinks about how to cut it for tenderness and

how to rub it with sauce.

All-you-can-eat for 2 hours and all-you-can-drink soft

drinks +US$1.5.

The restaurant is spacious and does not feel crowded, so

you can eat at your leisure.

It’s been more than 35 years since we opened our doors,

and everyone loves us.

I think this is the best proof of that.

You go to this showcase to get the meat, vegetables, and

desserts that are lined up here, and you can have as much

as you want of whatever you want.

↓ So it becomes like this ↓


This store is quite old, but the way the store is introduced in

the animation is very new!

It’s so new!

I think that the meat and the brain are soft, and since we are

planning to increase sales of anime goods in the future, I feel

selfishly sympathetic to this idea.

Each table also has a YouTube channel guide.

The menu is also animated.

*Reprinted from the official Tontontei website

Tonton-tei Official Web Site

Click here for URL

Tonton-tei YouTube

In Japan, there is a unique four-character idiom

I think that “Onkochishin” is one of them.

But I think the meaning is a little different.

The way I perceive this store is that it is continuing to do

what it has been doing for a long time.

I think that they are introducing a new culture while

continuing to respect what has always been done.

We, Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

We want you to take good care of your old items.

We deliver old and new items to you after maintenance.

We are an online store.

Vintage Shop Japan Inc. Product Sales Site

Click here for Anime Goods

Click here for URL

Click here for cameras and lenses

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Click here for audio and others

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At the moment, most of our items are cameras and lenses,

but we will be adding more anime items in the future.

We already have some stock to sell, but we haven’t finished

cleaning and maintenance yet, so we will sell them as soon

as they are ready.!


What kind of company is it? Please visit our homepage!

Click here for URL  English (language)

Click here for URL  Japanese (language)

Click here for URL  facebook

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I’m sorry.

I was forced to introduce our company,

so let me get back to the story.

Yakiniku is not about eating the food served to you.

It is better to grill and eat it by ourselves at our own timing.!

Grilling and eating meat while talking with friends

Talking over a good meal relaxes me.

I feel even more motivated because I have more positive

things to talk about.

Lunch meetings in particular would be very effective!

Most Japanese companies listen to top-down talk in

conference rooms.

I don’t think this is a meeting.

I think the conference should be a place where everyone

who attends can talk about what they are thinking.

So good ideas are not born in a conference room.

Good ideas are born in a relaxed atmosphere.

That is why I always think that lunch meetings are especially


I always think so.

Everyone has a good smile, eats, drinks, great stories and


Good food, fun, and joy are so important!

We want to be a company where smiles and laughter are

always present.

This lunch meeting was held at

Yakiniku Tontontei

Address: 7-2-18, Kotoni 2-jo 7-chome, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Parking lot available

Photograph  Takashi Okumura
Writer Kazuya Maruishi