Maintenance Report

Today’s Lunch


Lunch & Dinner

Lunch at nearby izakaya “Iriko”.

at first

I’m sorry

Because we can’t speak english

I am using DeepL translate, so it may be a strange sentence, but I would like you to understand

Thank you

Me, I wasn’t feeling very well today and didn’t have much of an appetite, but

I got a call from my partner Mr. Maruishi.

“Oh~ I’m going to lunch!”

I told him I wasn’t feeling well, but he said,

“I’ll feel better after I eat!

I tell him I’m not feeling well, but he says,

“I’ll feel better after I eat!

I am convinced by such words (laugh).

So I ordered Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

I ordered a regular size today, instead of a large portion.

Actually, this spaghetti looks normal in the picture above.

The spaghetti that arrived at the table was…


What a wonderful way to serve!

A surprise that comes out of the whole frying pan!

This is$5!! Hmmm… cheap!!

And it’s delicious.^^

You can put all the cheese powder and Tabasco you want on it.

Now that I feel all better, I can get on with my afternoon’s work.

My partner had the “fried chicken set meal,” which was also very inexpensive at $5.5.

5 pieces of fried chicken, cabbage and potato salad, a small bowl of tofu

Rice and miso soup make up the set.

The volume is larger than it looks in the photo, and my partner Mr. Maruishi is full.

A close-up of the fried chicken is quite large.^^

He’s full of energy, but he’s hungry, and he’s going to be sleepy this afternoon,” he said, discouraging his motivation (laughter).

He has quite a lot of work to do, though, so he always has to concentrate on finishing his work in the afternoon.

To begin with, “izakaya” is a uniquely Japanese culture.

They are surprised when they take visitors from overseas to “izakaya” (Japanese style pubs).

In many foreign countries, there is a clear division between restaurants, which are mainly for eating, and bars, which are mainly for drinking.

Just like Japanese Izakaya

“Beer and edamame for now!” There is no such thing as “Beer and Edamame!

When we eat, we drink wine.

I think this is a normal scene.

There are very few izakaya (Japanese style pubs) where you can order single items such as snacks, fried or grilled foods, and a selection of beer, shochu, sake, and cocktails.

In the past few years, Japanese izakaya (Japanese style pub) chain restaurants have expanded overseas and become very popular.

Some of these restaurants even have difficulty taking reservations.

We are helped by the fact that there are “taverns” close to us.

If you have friends over for dinner, go to a nearby izakaya for now.

After work, I went to a pub on my way home with my company friends.

In order to deepen relationships with business customers, alcohol is indispensable, so I often go to an izakaya

I often deepen our friendship over a drink and a meal at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub).

Japanese, Western, Chinese, Asian, creative cuisine, etc.

All of the restaurants offer a wide variety of food and drink menus.

For those who do not drink alcohol, there are many kinds of juice and tea.

This is the type of Japanese cultural “Izakaya” that can be enjoyed by anyone.

On average, lunch is about $5-$8 and dinner is $20-$30, which is easy on the wallet.

Well! I’ll work hard this afternoon!

Writer T.Okumura.