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Vintage looking windows!



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I wrote this column about a moment I found in the city of Sapporo
that made me feel vintage.

This time, we featured windows.

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The image was taken with a compact camera.


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Taken with FUJIFILM FUJICOLOR 100 (ISO 100) film.

Sapporo Tram Street
Vintage building windows standing tall and sturdy

These are the basic windows from the second floor up in this

vintage building.

Only the middle window on the third floor has the luxurious

abyssal specifications.

(Electric wires, for your amusement!)

Wide variety of windows in historic buildings

It has appeared in our column before.
It will be a vintage window of the Sapporo City Museum.

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First of all, this window is
located in the roof section of the building.
It is a bay window with a semicircular base and green accents.

The windows on the second floor are rectangular windows.
The upper windows are small, but the lower ones are large.
The windows are vertical.

The first floor differs from the second floor in the shape of the upper part.
It has an accent ornament at the center of the upper edge.

Windows that identify it as a church

A window of a church in central Sapporo.
The window frame above gives a sense of Western design.

I still prefer the window frame above!

And stained glass is indispensable for churches.

I wrote about a vintage window in the center of Sapporo.

I will continue to search for vintage items in the city and write about
them in my column, so please look forward to it!

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Writer Takashi Okumura