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What is a bridge camera?



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On a 35mm film camera
I will write about a film camera called a bridge camera.

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A bridge camera is an unfamiliar name, but it is the name for a genre of camera that appeared around 1990 and belongs somewhere between compact cameras and single-lens reflex cameras.

This camera is basically a camera with a molded resin-integrated exterior and a telephoto lens such as 2x3x.

Various manufacturers have released various types of lenses, but the IZM300 is equipped with a 3x zoom lens from 35 to 105 mm.

And it was the first camera to have a zoom viewfinder with a real-image type viewfinder that allows you to see the subject directly, something that compact cameras do not have.

It is also the camera that was awarded the wonderful prize of
European Compact Camera of the Year.

This is a stylish camera in terms of design, popular overseas.

It is the existence of the bridge camera that makes it easy to enjoy the
wonderful film cameras of today.

I think the origin of the name “bridge camera” came from the fact
that it bridges the gap between compact cameras and SLR cameras,
and that bridge is called “bridge” in English, which is why it became a genre of bridge camera.

These are the bridge cameras I wrote about.

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