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What is an autofocus lens?



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About Auto Focus Lenses

We are Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

I will write about auto-focus lenses in a simple and

easy-to-understand way.

SLR camera lenses for film cameras have

There are two types of lenses: manual focus and auto focus.

Manual focus means

means that you focus the lens by yourself.

Autofocus lenses focus automatically on the camera side.

automatically adjusts the focus on the camera side.

Nikon AF NIKKOR 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 D

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The difference between a manual focus lens and a

manual focus lens is

AF (auto focus) is included in the name of the lens.

Manual focus lenses do not have

There is a contact terminal.

This contact is connected to the camera side to provide

the autofocus function.

Autofocus lenses from any manufacturer are

Basically, the parts just mentioned are the same.

The above is about autofocus lenses.

If there are any additional information in the future

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