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What is aperture?




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In this article, I will write about aperture, which is

necessary for photography.

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Nikon Ai-s NIKKOR 28mm f/3.5

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What is aperture?
It is the part that controls the amount of light coming
through the lens.

The amount of light can be adjusted by moving the aperture ring,
which is called an aperture feather

To make it as bright as possible when it is dark, use the aperture
ring to widen all the aperture wings to increase the amount
of light coming in.

In this image, it is at its most open. (open aperture) (left image)

And then

The f/3.5 on the lens nameplate indicates the value of the aperture
release. (Right figure)

maximum aperture
Maximum aperture value

When bright light comes in

Use the aperture ring to move the aperture feathers

Narrow the aperture feather

Reduces the amount of light coming in

In this image, it is at its narrowest aperture. (minimum aperture)

The aperture is the same mechanism as the human
or animal eye

The pupil opens at night or in the dark, but closes during the day
or in bright light.

It has to do with the way the photo is taken

When the aperture is set to free, the
The object you want to capture will appear clear and the
surroundings will appear blurred

When the minimum aperture is used, everything will be
clearly visible.

The above is what I wrote about “aperture”

The next issue is closely related to “focus” and “aperture”

About “shutter speed”

I will write

I look forward to working with you again next time!

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