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What is the focus?




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In this article, I will write about focus, which is

necessary for photography.

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Focus, commonly referred to as focus, plays an important

role in camera photography

This is the place where you need to make what you want to

capture (the subject) clear through the viewfinder

For this reason, focal length is important.
The helicoid ring (focus ring or focusing ring) on the lens is
used to adjust it.

Turn the helicoid ring to move the lens.

The lens is moved forward to clarify nearby objects.

When the lens is moved back, the distance is no longer necessary
to focus (said to be infinity)

The approximate focal length is marked on the lens.

Move the helicoid ring from the starting point of the
distance (▲● section) to use the distance as a guide.

The green letters in the upper row indicate ft (feet).

The white letters in the lower row indicate in meters (m).

The above is written as simply and clearly as possible.

Next time we’ll talk aperture!

See you next time!

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