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Canon Lens “High-end convenience” zoom!


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EF35-350mm F3.5-5.6L USM

ISO200・1/1250sec.・f5.0 Focal length130㎜ (5DⅣ handheld shooting)

Canon’s high-end lens.
L-lens with a red beekeeping lens, released in 1993.

At that time, film cameras were still in their heyday and maturing years.

The new price was $ 2,320 at the time of release.

At that time, there must have been many sports photographers and news reporters who used this lens on their EOS1n and other cameras.
I had never owned or photographed with this lens, so I was looking forward to taking some test shots.

The impression I got when I used it was that it had sufficient AF accuracy and resolution even when shooting with a modern camera.
AF accuracy and resolution. After all, it is an L lens!

ISO200・1/1000sec.・f5.0 Focal length200㎜ (5DⅣ handheld shooting)

This photo was taken at a distance near the minimum close-up distance. About 900mm away.

There were many gingko nuts falling in a nearby park.
They were probably damaged because they had fallen, but I focused on the cross sections that looked like scratches.

If you zoom in…

Something like Pac-Man…face?

The part where the light shines strongly is a little blurred.

The droplet of water on the top is sharply drawn.

I also tested the image in fairly harsh backlighting.

Of course, the halation is a bit lively, but it is not that bad.

but it is not that bad. The area in focus is solid and the resolution is quite good.

On the wide-angle side, there is a drop in vignetting on the periphery, so the corners of the image are dark.
This is a good feature that adds a nice atmosphere to the image.
With today’s digital cameras, it is possible to create something like this with “effect effects,” but this lens looks like this without any modification.

ISO200・1/2000sec.・f3.5release Focal length 35㎜(5DⅣ Focal length)

It is quite nice to be able to go from 35㎜ side to 350㎜ telephoto side at once.

I appreciate that I can aim at the angle of view I want to shoot without having to change lenses.

However, there are times when the focal length is a little too long or not long enough…
It takes a little getting used to, as I am used to using a rotary zoom.

Straight forward zoom with a white lens!

Focal length…35㎜time
Focal length…350㎜ time

It requires more arm strength than the rotary type, but if you can handle the weight of the machine, you can expect good results.

I tried shooting even in a slightly teasing situation.

ISO400・1/500sec.・f4.5release Focal length95㎜(5DⅣ Focal length)

What do you think? I imagined the results would be worse, but was surprised that they were better than I expected.

Yes, the resolution is lower, but the focus is sharper.

And this lens is indeed a high-end lens!

Getting ready to shoot…

With the lens hood attached…
I felt elated and motivated.

The lens hood is printed with Canon’s logo and looks cool.
It has an atmosphere that motivates me to take good pictures.

And the high-power zoom makes it convenient to use.

Many all-in-one zoom lenses are made by third parties, but genuine Canon lenses are not as inexpensive as third-party lenses.
However, now you can
You should be able to get your hands on one.

It’s a little bit big, but you can use this lens to shoot hand-held at athletic events and presentations…

The powerful appearance and image quality.
For landscapes, sports, and snaps
If you have the arm strength, you can also use it hand-held.
This is one lens that can do just about anything!

Photographer Okamura

EF35-350mm F3.5-5.6L USM
Released  January 1993
Price at that time  $2498
Lens configuration:  21 elements in 15 counties
8 diaphragm blades
Minimum aperture f22~f32
Shortest point-blank range 0.6m
Maximum shooting magnification 0.25 magnification
Filter diameter 72㎜
Size 85×167.4㎜
Weight 49.38 Oz