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Photographer Okamura’s Whimsical Column

This time a Canon FD 50mm lens!

FD50mm F1.8 S.C (Ⅰ)

FD50㎜ F1.8 S.C. Canon NEW F1 aperture f5.6 KODAK GOLD ISO200


Canon FD mount 50㎜ f/1.8 Type-I

November in Hokkaido is usually quite cold, but this day was

relatively warm and I wondered if the first snowfall would be

delayed this year, so I took out my Canon F1 on a precious day for


As a self-proclaimed baseball boy, I still get excited and nervous

when I see a baseball field.

I can’t help but feel the drama of an empty field and snap the


As a boy, I could throw a baseball farther than anyone else around

me (…or so I thought), so I got carried away and joined my

neighborhood baseball team…

At that time, we were not allowed to drink water during practice,

but I remember that my team was allowed to drink tap water from

a nearby park, so it was probably still a good thing. The coaches

and managers were sometimes a bit spartan, but I remember that I

was allowed to pitch, taking advantage of my strong shoulders.

I was so happy to think that I was recognized by adults for my


A baseball field with many memories.

Whenever I find it, I always take pictures of it.

The reddish color of the soil on the ground looks like Kodak film…

Off topic.

Cut from the ballpark to a nearby bus stop.

The sky became suspiciously dark and there were black clouds…it
really rained a little after that.

“The Tree Stage.”

Sunlight and dark clouds.

The spotlight is on the tree, and the tree seems to be dancing on
the stage, swaying in the wind.

I wonder if such an actor will show up… or if he/she will come for a

walk, playing with dogs, or cruising around with a bright umbrella…

if he/she has the luxury of doing so!

FD50㎜ F1.8 S.C. Canon NEW F1 aperture f8.0 KODAK GOLD ISO200

FD50㎜ F1.8 S.C. Canon NEW F1 aperture f4.0 KODAK GOLD ISO200

“A park near my parents’ house.”

When I was in elementary school and junior high school, there was

no park in the area, but now there are many detached houses and

families with children, and a beautiful and spacious park has been

built. In the fall, ginkgo trees and autumn leaves can be seen, and it

is a peaceful place.

I love parks.

One time I planned to take pictures of just the park.

A small park in a residential area.

It’s kind of goofy~.

I get excited when I see a sign in a park established “〇〇〇〇years


I wonder what the children who played here are like now.

I release the shutter with various fantasies.

In this photo, I intended to focus on the foliage in the foreground,

but it ended up in the background.

Because of this, the entire image looks hazy, but the small leaves in

the back are in focus.

I prefer not to have any of my photos in focus.

I once held a photo exhibition of “out-of-focus photos,” and it was

quite well received.

I was even asked to continue this series because I would like to see

more of them.

I’d like to do it again eventually.

Exhibitions and blurry photos.

This lens, even the cheaper 50㎜ standard lens, has a solid feel and

weight, so it is not cheap and you may think “Oh, is this f/1.4?

For me, I prefer my lenses to be a little thinner, so I’ll probably take

the f1.8 out more often.

Canon has changed from FD mount to EF mount in the autofocus

period, and the FD mount is definitely superior in terms of texture.

FD50㎜ F1.8 S.C. Canon NEW F1 aperture f5.6 KODAK GOLD ISO200

“Sunlight Leaking Through the Trees.“

A wooden deck in the woods, a bit like a secret base.

The backlighting also made it look good.

Look at this picture.

FD lens is very good. It’s a good lens with a good image quality.

I can expect good images even if I attach it to a digital camera.

Very fun lens.

Now I want to try portraits.

This time it was an autumn walk with f1.8 even with 50㎜.

There is also an f1.4 lens with a different f-number, which I will

report on in the future.

I am looking forward to seeing how much difference the bright

f/1.4 lens will make in terms of bokeh and other descriptive


The next one is also shot on color negative film.

We will also post some old-fashioned images to capture the

atmosphere of the time when these lenses were active.

I really enjoyed this 50㎜ f1.8 S/C combination with F1.

When a subject suddenly appears, I quickly compose my shot,

quickly adjust the focus, and release the shutter.

The sound of the shutter is exceptional, and although I have

always been a Nikon F fan when it comes to film SLR cameras, the

sound of the shutter is pleasant with the F1.

I like a combination that makes a series of operations fun, and for

me, I like lenses that are a little thinner than the difference in f-

number, so I quite like lenses that are considered low-priced.

In fact, this one takes a good enough picture too.

Photographer Okamura

FD50mm F1.8 S.C (I) Camera is Canon New F1

Release dateMarch 1973
Price at launch$117.00.
Lens configuration (group)4
Lens composition (elements)6
Number of aperture blades6
Minimum Aperture16
Minimum shooting distance (meters)0.6
Maximum magnification (x)0.103
Filter diameter (mm)55
Max. diameter x length (mm)x(mm)64x 44.5
Mass (g)255