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Range finder camera



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I will write briefly about rangefinder cameras.

I will explain using camaras sell by our company Vintage Shop Japan Inc.

Canon Canonet SE 45mm f/1.9

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Rangefinder cameras are

A rangefinder is built into the camera to determine the distance.

When you look through the viewfinder, you can see through

the two windows in the front

Two identical subjects are superimposed and focused on top of

each other by adjusting the focus ring.

The camera is then focused on the same subject.

It is more compact than a single-lens reflex camera.

Once you get used to it, I think it is a camera that is fun and easy to use.

The camera introduced here has not been tested

and is treated as junk.

There is a cleaning column for the camera introduced in this issue.

Please take a look at it as well.

URL is here ↓

Canon Canonet( SE 45mm f/1.9 ) Camera cleaning work

Rangefinder cameras are

You can enjoy vintage cameras with ease.

We hope you enjoy it!

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vintage cameras and lenses.

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